What Are BiPap Machines?

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Dentist

Sleep apnea is the inability to breathe freely while you are asleep. There are many reasons why one might have sleep apnea difficulties. Whatever they might be, a breathing machine is the most common treatment. A CPAP machine is a continuous positive airflow machine. This means that air is always flowing from the machine into the user. Many people who use CPAP machines find that the continuous pressure is difficult to breathe against. Since air is always flowing into your nose and mouth, some people feel as though they have to force their air out. That will obviously not solve anyone’s sleep apnea issues. For those people, BiPAP machines might be the best option.

Variable Airflow

BiPAP machines offer variable airflow instead of the continuous airflow. They allow air to flow and then stop the airflow so that you can breathe out without obstruction. These options are very useful for people who have a hard time with a CPAP machine. In many cases, BiPAP solves their problems.
There are some settings on BiPAP devices that can also help fight sleep apnea. These settings are able to create a more specialized experience for the sleep apnea sufferer.


The personalized settings that are most common for BiPAP users are the pressure of the air and the amount of time between airflow and rest. You essentially want the machine to be breathing on the same pace that you are breathing. This takes a little bit of time to figure out but once you have it, it can be incredibly beneficial for many people. You want enough pressure so that you can inhale the air with very little effort. Then, you want enough rest so that you can exhale with no pressure. Finally, the timing of these two phases needs to be synchronized to your breathing patterns. Business name offers many assorted options for BiPAP users. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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