Ways an Optometrist Andover KS Can Help Elderly Patients with Vision Issues

When an elderly person begins to have trouble with their eyesight, they should pay a visit to an Optometrist Andover KS for an exam. During this exam, the optometrist will be able to check the person’s eyesight as well as examine the physical condition of their eyes. This can be essential in helping them to determine what is causing their problems and how to treat them in the best way possible.

Many times an elderly person will find they have trouble seeing things up close or their vision will become blurry. While this can be a very troubling situation for the person, it is generally a normal condition called presbyopia. This occurs in the most people at some point after they reach the age of 40. It generally continues to worsen, as the person grows older. Even though this is a common problem, an Optometrist Andover KS will still want to run tests to make sure there are no other issues.

Presbyopia occurs in a person’s eyes as the crystalline lens begins to lose elasticity. This causes the person to be limited on how well they can focus their eyes and this creates their vision issues. This is not something an Optometrist Andover KS can correct. The best an optometrist can do for a patient with this issue is to recommend prescription glasses. The optometrist will generally be able to perform an assessment of the person’s eyes and prescribe lenses, which will help in correcting the problems. In addition, some patients are able to improve their eyesight by using reading glasses as well.

Often an Optometrist Andover KS will recommend bifocals for a patient who is having troubles with presbyopia as well as other eyesight issues. With these types of glasses, the lens can offer corrective lenses for both conditions. Generally the bottom half of the lenses will be for seeing things up close while the upper half of the lens will have a prescription for the other issue, generally farsightedness. While this can be a helpful feature for the person with the vision issues, lenses of this type can require a period of adjustment for the wearer to learn to adapt to this different way of looking at things.


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