Visit Eye Doctors In Smyrna TN To Maintain Eye Health

Quite a few people think that because they don’t wear glasses that they don’t have to go to the eye doctor for regular check-ups but that isn’t true. Your eye doctor or optometrist does more than just test your vision for acuity; they also check your eyes for diseases as well.

When you visit the eye doctor numerous tests may be performed such as the eye muscle movement test to test the strength of your eye muscles, the external and internal exam as well as the visual acuity test. Many people wear eyeglasses to help them see up-close which is called hyperopia or more commonly known as farsightedness. If a person has a hard time seeing in the distance this is called myopia or more commonly known as nearsightedness. If these symptoms are not corrected you may experience headaches and eye strain. You will also experience problems if you want to read or drive.

Preventive, yearly eye exams can help spot numerous medical problems. When Eye Doctors In Smyrna TN check inside your eye, they look directly at blood vessels. Your blood vessels may reveal indicators of serious medical conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes before the problems even show up in the body. For example, a serious side effect of diabetes is developing retinopathy, which is when high blood sugar levels cause injury to small blood vessels in the eyes and can result in blindness. There are no early symptoms of this, which is why yearly eye exams are so important. Your eye doctor may also test you for glaucoma using a device called a tonometer, which delivers a puff of air in your eyes. Glaucoma is a disease which damages the optic nerve causing a reduction in your vision.

When searching for Eye Doctors in Smyrna TN get recommendations and referrals from friends and family. Word of mouth is always a great way to find Eye Doctors In Lawrence. Another good way to find eye doctors is by using a popular Internet review site called Angie’s List. Angie’s List can pull up a list of eye doctors in your area where you can read various patient reviews before deciding on the right one for your needs.

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