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by | Jul 5, 2013 | Healthcare

Are you tired of covering up your feet because of unsightly toenails? If so, professionals at a Jacksonville foot clinic may have the solutions you’ve been searching for. Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, is a common condition that’s normally contracted through contact with fungi in public areas such as a pool, waterpark, locker or shower room, etc. While fungal infections aren’t normally cause for alarm, they can make walking or standing painful and greatly hinder your confidence. Fortunately, fungal infections are easily rectified if treated properly. An experienced podiatrist will assist you in determining what treatment plans will work best for your condition.

Professional Advice
Generally, it’s easy to tell if you could benefit from the services of a podiatrist. If your toenails are beginning to thicken and develop discolorations, it’s very likely that you have onychomycosis. If the condition is getting to the point where you’re embarrassed to wear certain shoes in public or be seen without nail polish, it’s a good idea to seek an expert’s opinion. In many cases, it’s beneficial to skip over-the-counter medication as they tend to only prevent the spread of fungi, and don’t always get to the root of the problem. Podiatrists at a Jacksonville foot clinic will educate you on your condition and give you options that will eliminate onychomycosis completely.

Safe and Effective Treatment
Laser removal is a noninvasive procedure that has helped many sufferers of toenail fungus regain their confidence and continue living their lives. It carries virtually no risk of side effects and the procedure is over within minutes. Depending on the severity of your infection, more than one treatment may be required; however, this is not the norm. Sometimes foot-related conditions are treated with painful methods that don’t always provide favorable results. Laser removal is completely painless and patients don’t feel any negative after-effects.

The Laser Center at First Coast Foot & Ankle Clinic provides knowledgeable care and treatment options tailored to your condition. If you’re interested in laser fungus removal, they utilize only the most effective equipment and guarantee positive results.

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