Vein Treatment That Is Harmless And Helpful

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Health & Fitness

Having clearly visible varicose and spider veins creeping up your calves and thighs can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. No one wants to bare a bathing suit, skirt, or dress when their legs are unsightly and covered in blemishes. Unfortunately, whether due to weight gain, pregnancy, a family history, or other factors, many people deal with this problem. Yet, there is an answer, and it does not involve hours of surgery, prolonged recovery time, nor pain and unease. Vein treatment that is harmless and helpful is within your reach!

An Outpatient Option

Now there is the choice between invasive surgery or an outpatient procedure that can eradicate those pesky veins. Rather than digging deep into your legs, specialists can insert small needles into the skin that will help to make those splotches a thing of the past. Any size veins are no problem for this process; and people are less prone to risks and discomfort through this method. When you consider that not treating these blemishes can cause more pain, inflammation, and color changes, it makes so much sense to opt for an inpatient treatment.

How It Works

Simply walk into the doctor’s office and they will perform the procedure for you. Using local anesthesia, you will be calmed and at ease while the specialist will point out the veins that are to be treated. He or she will then use very small incisions that will cling to the targeted passageways and be removed painlessly. After this, a bandage is placed on the area and you are free to walk out of the facility, blemish-free! Less than one hour is needed for this method to be completed from start to finish.

After The Process

Afterwards, now that the damaged areas have been taken out of your legs, healthy passageways can soak in the blood from the removed ones. This helps your thighs, calves, and entire body have a normal, even blood flow once again. Clients who undergo this procedures go on with their daily business immediately. If you choose to go back to work right then and there, by all means, you may. It is best to avoid picking up and carrying heavy loads for a couple of weeks, as well as overexerting yourself with intense physical activity. This is a small price to pay for beautiful, splotch-free legs!

Does this sound great to you? Why not give this a try and see what your newfound sense of confident will do for you!

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