Various Services Offered At An Animal Hospital In Overland Park KS

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Animal Health

When you become a pet owner, it’s essential that you have an area veterinarian to take care of the health needs of your pet. A veterinarian can treat your pet in an emergency situation and examine your pet during a routine wellness check. Read the information below to learn how a veterinarian who practices at an Animal hospital Overland Park KS can keep your pet healthy.

Wellness Visit

All dogs and cats, regardless of age, should have routine wellness checks by a qualified veterinarian. During these visits, the veterinarian will thoroughly exam your pet and check the coat, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Your veterinarian may also request a stool sample and blood test to check for worms and other illnesses. Puppies under one year old and senior dogs, from seven to ten years of age, should have a veterinarian checkup twice a year. Adult dogs should see a vet once a year, unless the animal has a health issue and the vet requests more frequent appointments.

Alternative Medicine

Some veterinarians offer alternative medicine treatments for pets and these may include laser therapy, acupuncture and platelet-rich plasma infusions. Laser therapy is often used to treat painful conditions, such as arthritis. Acupuncture is a popular alternative treatment method for chronic illnesses and pain relief after a surgical procedure. Platelet-rich infusions are administered about every six months to help control the pain of arthritis.

Dental Procedures

Both dogs and cats should have routine dental examinations and cleanings by a veterinarian who practices at an animal hospital in Overland Park, KS. Animals can have loose teeth, mouth infections and periodontal disease. Each of these conditions are painful for pets and they can lead to other health problems. After your pet’s teeth are cleaned and the tartar is removed, the veterinarian will thoroughly exam your pet’s mouth and teeth and look for any problems.

Cherokee Animal Clinic provides wellness care, alternative medicine, internal medicine, surgical procedures and emergency care for pets. They also offer dog grooming and boarding services for dogs and cats. Visit their website to learn more about this animal clinic and to schedule an appointment for any of their services.

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