Urgent Care in Albany, GA May Be the Right Solution

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Healthcare

When an illness or injury is acute, it means that it happens quickly and unexpectedly it is an “urgent” situation that needs attention—it needs urgent care! Urgent care in Albany, GA is the ideal solution in many situations. It is the perfect go-between when you can’t reach your family care provider and you don’t want to wait in a hospital emergency room. There are a litany of illnesses and injuries that require urgent care but they may not necessarily qualify for hours waiting in the emergency room.

It’s the Right Solution
Urgent care in Albany, GA is the right solution when:

  • You need to be seen quickly
  • Your doctor is not in
  • You are dealing with concerning symptoms
  • You want to get the treatment started quickly
  • You have a toddler with an ear ache, stomach upset and other concerning symptoms
  • You need stitches
  • You suspect a sprain or a break
  • You are running a fever and want relief

There are many more instances when urgent care is the perfect solution. Some of the benefits of seeking healthcare at trusted urgent care center include:

  • Shorter wait times then the emergency room
  • More affordable cost than the emergency room
  • Quick diagnosis
  • Early start to treatments

When you are not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is sit in an emergency room waiting area for hours on end. Urgent care cuts down your wait time significantly. The cost is more affordable, the services are focused on helping you get your treatment started and the overall experience is good. If you need medical treatment and you want to handle it as quickly as possible, urgent care is a great solution. One Source Healthcare makes urgent care affordable for you and your family! Let One Source Healthcare provide you with the trusted healthcare you need.

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