Unique Comprehensive Health Care in Hiawatha, Iowa

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Health

Most family medical offices and facilities offer modern medicine for the whole family. Examinations, blood work, diagnostic testing, and treatments for conditions or illnesses are available. Prescriptions are written, minor wound care follow-up treatment is completed, and the healing of injuries is monitored. In short, comprehensive traditional Western medical care is provided.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, meditation, and massage therapy, is not typically available in family medical settings. Patients have to seek those out elsewhere if they are interested in trying healing methods that have been successful for centuries. That is unfortunate because most people will not take the time to find places to experience alternatives. Some are concerned about costs, while others are hesitant to try something that is new to them.

Combining Both

There is a family medical setting that offers a combination of Western and alternative Health Care in Hiawatha Iowa. Patients can explore alternative options with medical professionals and have them completed at affordable pricing in the same facility. It is the best of both worlds where people can be comfortable while trying something they have not yet experienced.

Examples of Procedures

In addition to examinations, prescriptions, and expected medical care, patients have access to many other procedures. A ten-minute migraine treatment that requires no shots, the evaluation and removal of skin lesions, and joint injections are offered. Joint injections can be either steroid or anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and relieve pain. The procedure is effective for shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, and carpal tunnel issues.

Massage Therapy

Eleven different types of massage therapy are offered on-site, including soft and deep tissue massage, orthopedic, facial, hot stone, stress relief and relaxation, and pregnancy massages. Body wraps can be done for detoxification, and hand or feet treatments using paraffin are also available. In spas or resorts, many of these massages are out of financial reach for average families. Due to having massages incorporated into the practice, pricing is affordable.

Discover the Difference

Families who take the time to know more about us appreciate the variety of treatment options offered for Health Care in Hiawatha Iowa. Those who are comfortable with traditional treatments are accommodated. People who are tired of prescriptions, constant testing, or failure to have symptoms resolved can explore alternative medicine in a familiar and comfortable setting.

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