Tummy Tuck Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon, Find a Practice in Arlington Heights

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Plastic Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is a great way to get a flat and toned stomach when diet and exercise don’t work. Patients in Arlington Heights often have loose skin or fat deposits that just won’t go away. This procedure is a great way to get the desired look that so many of us crave. There are some questions you should ask your plastic surgeon before you say yes to the surgery. They are highlighted below.


Your plastic surgeon should be Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Not only that, but the doctor should have a current license to practice in the state. That way, you know you are being worked on by a professional who has had the proper training and education that is needed to do the surgery correctly.


Not only should you tell your surgeon your expectations about the upcoming surgery, but they need to tell you their opinion as well. After hearing what your views are, they need to tell you if what you are requiring is realistic or not. There should be a happy medium that the doctor can get both of you too if you have different outlooks.


When tummy tuck surgery is done on our bodies, there is downtime that is to be expected. Your doctor should explain your recovery in full and what you should do to help you heal in the appropriate amount of time. You need to do your part in following the recovery procedures the practice has put in place.

Talking with your plastic surgeon should be one of the first steps you should take when considering a tummy tuck. Your doctor can let you know if the surgery is the right procedure for you, what to expect, and what your healing time is going to be. After going over the basics, you can look forward to a smooth and flat stomach that you have definitely earned.

If you are considering a tummy tuck in Arlington Heights, you should have questions ready for your plastic surgeon. Contact Ashpole Plastic Surgery, and they can easily answer your concerns.

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