Trigger Point Therapy as an Alternative Treatment Option for Chronic Pain

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Health

Trigger Point Therapy or Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is an alternative treatment for resolving instances of muscle pain caused by irritated trigger points within the body. This particular style of therapy focuses on identifying and releasing trigger points or knots which have formed within a single muscle or muscle grouping. Most commonly caused by some form of muscular trauma, in their earliest stages trigger points will produce pain when pressure is applied to the area. Some other types of treatment that facilitate the release of trigger points in the body include chiropractic treatment, and a form of acupuncture called Dry Needling.

Trigger Point Therapy Can Be Used to Treat a Variety of Conditions

While trigger point therapy is most commonly used to alleviate the effects of knots in your muscles it can also treat other ailments and conditions like headaches, migraines, heel pain, TMJ, sciatica, as well as sport related injuries. These knots are actually tight bands of muscle that are in a state of spasm and inhibiting blood flow, this can not only cause severe pain it can also restrict movement, cause muscle weakness, as well as increase instances of numbness and tingling. It is important to note that trigger points may not always present themselves in the same place, when utilizing alternative therapies as a treatment it is important to commit to a series or ongoing treatment until the problem is solved.

Medical Facilities Offer a Variety of Alternative Options for Trigger Point Relief

Whether you are interested in trying trigger point massage therapy or dry needling as a solution to your trigger point issues, a medical professional is best suited to help you come up with a viable treatment plan. Facilities like Action Medical Sports and Rehab offer a variety of alternative therapy solutions to their patients including trigger point therapy in Setauket. Contact their offices today to learn more about how they can help you experience relief from pain related to inflamed trigger points in your body.

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