Treatments for Spider Veins

by | May 7, 2013 | Healthcare

Spider vein is a vein that is brightly colored that is enlarged and lies right under the skin; most of the time these veins are very tiny but they are able to appear anywhere on the body. Most spider vein in Pennsylvania can be prevented with some simple tips either at home or through some clinical procedures. If the appearance of spider vein is causing some anxiety in your life and you are looking to get rid of them for good, there are a few options that you can try out in order to get rid of these unsightly veins and feel much better about your appearance. Some of the things that you can do are change your diet, make modifications in your lifestyle, and if neither of these two suggestions works you can always go into a clinic to take care of the problem.

Change Your Diet

The first suggestion for taking care of spider vein Pennsylvania includes making changes to your diet. There have been studies to suggest that consuming food that is rich in fiber and whole grain will do wonders in curing your spider vein. Fruits are a great place to get plenty of fiber, along with whole grain that can also be used to reduce constipation. Relieving constipation is another great part of your diet that you can change in order to reduce spider veins since straining your bowels puts extra pressure to your veins, resulting in spider vein in Pennsylvania. In addition, you should always enjoy less sodium in your diet if you want to reduce the spider vein.

Modifications to Your Lifestyle

The next step that you should take for spider vein in Pennsylvania is to make some modifications to your lifestyle. It is important you never stay in one position for too long and to keep elevated when you are sleeping. You can also switch from hot showers to cool ones because heat is known to dilate your blood vessels and make spider veins more noticeable. You should also exercise every day in order to promote good circulation in your body and prevent your veins from bulging through your skin. A temporary fix to hiding spider vein includes covering it up with concealer so that it is not as noticeable to other people.

Going to the Clinic

If you are not able to clear up your spider vein in Pennsylvania on your own, there are a few clinical methods that you can discuss and try with the approval of your doctor. You can try sclerotherapy, a treatment that does not require surgery and consists of applying medication to the vein through a needle in order to prevent blood flowing through that vein. You can also try out a laser treatment though this is a surgery whereas the other option is not and it will take several sittings in order to clear up the spider vein.


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