Treatments For Cellulite Removal in Coral Gables

There are two basic procedures used for the treatment of cellulite; low frequency radio waves and sound waves of either medium or high frequency, both will break up cellulite that is resident in fat cells. Medium and high frequency treatments normally are used when the fat is deposited deeper in the body, low frequency radio waves is the most common procedure, this is used to excite the fat that is stored just beneath the surface of the skin.

Some treatments, regardless of the frequency of the waves heat the cells and literally melt them away. These cellulite removal in Coral Gables break down the body fat where it is simply released into the blood where it is eliminated from the body. To increase blood flow, which of course increases the speed of fat elimination; many treatments are accompanied by a massage.

Normally cellulite treatments are conducted after the patient has gone as far as possible with diet and exercise. There will be isolated spots left on the body where stubborn fat deposits remain and no amount of dieting or exercise will eliminate them. The most common places for cellulite to form is in the fleshy parts of the body; hips, thighs and stomach.

Fat continues to build up in the body and as a result it may be necessary to repeat the cellulite treatment in Coral Gables every couple of months. You can help yourself considerably by maintaining a low-fat diet and making exercise a part of your every-day routine, a combination of these three stimulates collagen which keeps the skin firm and tight. After the cellulite treatments drink plenty of water to help flush the fat deposits from the blood.

Radio frequency and ultrasound treatments are a painless alternative to liposuction and other invasive methods of cellulite control. The individual sessions normally last about three quarters of an hour and once the session is over you can immediately return to your normal schedule. Although there may be noticeable visual improvement from the first treatment, it usually requires multiple treatments before total satisfaction has been achieved.

Although there are other forms of cellulite treatment, radio and ultrasound treatments are considered the least expensive and virtually painless method available.

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