Treatment Options for Patients with Dermatitis in Chevy Chase MD

Although eczema is often hereditary, that doesn’t mean a person has to simply accept they’ll have a dry and flaky skin for their entire lives. This skin condition can lead a man or woman to cover their arms and legs in the summer and avoid swimming pools and beaches so others won’t see their skin. Even though eczema isn’t contagious, many people are uncomfortable being close to someone with a rash. Instead of hiding it and missing out on all life has to offer, anyone who has Dermatitis in Chevy Chase MD should consider seeing a professional who has experience treating this condition.

There are many treatments available for eczema and other types of dermatitis. Some of them are available over the counter. Unfortunately, despite their affordable price, they are often not effective at controlling the condition. At best, they may relieve the itching and tame the rash so it isn’t as inflamed. For some people, they are simply a waste of money. Prescription treatments for Dermatitis in Chevy Chase MD tend to be more effective but finding the right medication or combination of medications can be a challenge for a doctor that doesn’t have a lot of experience treating eczema.

Choosing a clinic like Tamjidi Skin Institute, where patients trust they will get the best treatment available, can help a person who has had eczema their entire life have the ability to live with clear skin. The medical team is dedicated to helping their patients live their fullest lives and can help adults as well as children with dermatitis. By evaluating the condition and prescribing an effective treatment plan, the doctor and her staff are able to offer options to patients who have tried numerous other treatments.

Eczema can be more stressful for children than it is for adults. Helping children stay comfortable when they have an itchy rash and working with an experienced medical team to try to reduce the frequency of outbreaks is essential for parents of kids with eczema. Patient-centered treatment is really the only answer to treating a condition that has no real known cause or cure.

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