Treatable Dental Problems Using Invisalign In Haymarket

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Dentist

Long gone are the days where you had to sport metal brackets on your teeth, experience excruciating pain, and visit an orthodontist every two weeks to have your braces inspected. People would go to great lengths to correct problems in their mouth that only dental braces fixed to individual teeth. When teeth are repaired, not only do straight and aligned teeth look better aesthetically but they also provide a great deal of relief to people that suffer from dental problems.

If you are familiar with the way dental braces work, the Invisalign in Haymarket design will not be hard to imagine. The old metal brackets that were once placed on the teeth and then adjusted gradually over a traditional two year period are no longer used. Instead, what is designed is a clear plastic mold on the teeth that act as a brace. Every two to three weeks, depending on the progress and dedication to the molds, you are ready for a new mold. Instead of having a dentist tighten braces you simply replace your mold with a new adjusted one.

Although great strides were taken with the old braces technique, such as clear braces and different designs for brackets and rubber bands, there was still an aesthetically displeasing brace on the teeth that was permanent. With the Invisalign in Haymarket you have the option of taking out the mold when you need to. Food does not have a metal taste and there are no poking brackets or wires into the gums or mouth.

The old saying of no pain, no gain does not apply in the market for invisible braces. Ask your Gainesville Orthodontics professionals about the types of procedures that are easily corrected over a process of different clear molds for your teeth. Gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, open bite, overly crowded, and crossbite teeth are some of the procedures that are easily fixed by this orthodontist process.

Progress can be made on any of these common treatable teeth and mouth issues over a 20 to 22 hour consistency in wearing the molds on a daily basis. Easy adjustments and ease of taking out the molds when needed has made this the most popular form of treating mouth issues over and above traditional metal braces for the last seven years in the orthodontist industry.


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