Top Three Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy to Pregnant Women

Most pregnant women experience aches and pains because of bodily changes. As such, women opt for a prenatal massage to manage the pains and ailments. Prenatal massage focuses on pregnant women, which means that it is safe. The massage therapist uses techniques that are not dangerous to the mother and her developing fetus. You can benefit from prenatal massage therapy in Largo whether you are in the first, second, or third trimester. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with prenatal massage.

Decreased Swelling

Joints usually swell during pregnancy because the circulation system doesn’t function as effectively as before pregnancy. Pressure from the bulky uterus exerts pressure on the major blood vessels. Prenatal massage aids in moving fluid from the joints into your soft tissues, where your lymphatic system can quickly reabsorb it.

Back Pain Relief

Some women experience severe back pain as the uterus develops and exerts pressure on their pelvic floor and lower back. Prenatal massage therapy in Largo reduces sciatic nerve pain by reducing the tension in the surrounding muscles that are causing the pinching or pressing. Therefore, pregnant women shouldn’t suffer the awful pain of sciatica when they can get massage therapy.

Regulate Hormones

Most pregnant women undergo stress because cortisol and norepinephrine hormones are produced at high levels. Women who opt for a prenatal massage at least twice a week during their pregnancy have increased levels of serotonin and dopamine. The two hormones are responsible for mood stabilization. Also, prenatal massage reduces the risk of newborn complications.

Prenatal massage is not a luxury for pregnant women, especially during the physically demanding months. On the contrary, massage therapy is part of maintenance that makes your journey smooth and reduces anxiety. Pregnant women should know that the more comfortable they feel during their pregnancy months, the better the health of their kids.

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