Top Benefits of Body Shaping Techniques and Liposuction Performed in Newnan

There are individuals who routinely workout and eat healthily but still have pockets of stubborn fat. These fatty deposits can become stuck for various reasons, such as age, hormones, and genetics. A plastic surgeon may be able to use body contouring techniques to reduce some of these areas.


Liposuction is a form of body contouring. It is completed under anesthesia, so it is not painful. Surgeons who perform Liposuction In Newnan, GA, will opt for local or general anesthesia. The procedure can take one hour or several. Smaller operations, like removing deposits under the chin, may not take long, and the doctor may only need local anesthesia. Larger areas, like thighs and stomachs, will take some time and require you to be entirely out.


This type of body contouring is long-lasting. Although this procedure is not about weight loss, the results can improve shape and appearance. Older bodies do not produce new fat cells, so it is hard to plump up the area once the cells are removed. It is possible to regain the girth if an individual starts to eat poorly.

Remove and Replace

In some cases, a patient might have some fat removed from one area and transplanted to another. Some people may need some extra fat in their cheeks to regain a full face and youthful appearance. Others might opt to move the fat into their rear for a little extra lift.


This surgical procedure can alter the waistline, legs, arms, and neck. Men have used Liposuction in Newnan, GA, to reduce fat in their pectoral regions.

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