Top 10 Healthy Wedding Swag Items

As wedding season fast approaches, some couples may be looking at what kinds of tokens to give to their guests at the end of their special day. Wedding guests may be thinking about what sorts of gifts they’re going to receive from the couple. A fast-growing trend in wedding swag is gifts that promote a healthy lifestyle, like CBD cream for pain or sustainable fashion. Below are some healthier gifts you can expect to see at weddings this summer.

1. CBD oil

CBD hemp oil for pain is a great gift to give away to wedding guests. At the end of a long night, people’s feet are going to be sore, they might have headaches from the music, and they’d love some natural pain relief. A CBD cream provides quick-acting, safe relief for this discomfort and will keep your guests dancing longer and having a great time.

2. Natural hangover prevention supplement

Sometimes in the wedding spirit, guests can get a little carried away. Some considerate couples have started providing natural remedies and supplements to prevent their guests from having hangovers the morning after the wedding. Activated charcoal pills are a popular choice: Taking one or two while you’re still partying or after you get home can nip a hangover right in the bud.

3. Ginger shot

These small drinks made from concentrated ginger juice are a great way to detox your body’s systems, ward off illness, and boost the immune system during or after a night of partying. Although shots like these seem to be a recent fad, ginger has been used in health practices for hundreds of years in many cultures.

4. Non-fried high protein donuts

Your guests may be looking for something sweet to end their wedding celebrations but might not want something too sugary and over-the-top. Donuts are fun and whimsical, but they can be pretty unhealthy, especially right after eating wedding cake. There are plenty of easy recipes online for healthy baked donuts high in protein and free of gluten or dairy if needed!

5. Sustainable sunglasses

Sustainable, ethically sourced fashion is the next big thing, and some couples have been giving out sunglasses that meet these standards as their wedding swag. These sunglasses are plant-based and are 100% biodegradable, so if you don’t end up wearing them, they won’t clog up a landfill. These are a great gift to protect your guests’ eyes from harmful UV rays if your reception is outside on a sunny day.

6. Iced tea detox starter kit

Summer can be hot and sticky, which means it’s time to break out the pitchers and thermoses to hold your refreshing iced tea. To pack even more of a punch, give your guests a special detox tea starter kit to help their bodies perform at the highest level, especially after a night of eating, drinking, and dancing.

7. DIY homemade bug spray

Another great idea if your reception is outside, and maybe closer to the evening when lots of bugs can come around, is to provide guests with bug spray. Industrial sprays can be harsh and irritating, not to mention smelly, though, so why not whip up a batch of DIY bug spray with natural, non-toxic ingredients so your guests can remain bug-bite free?

8. Aloe Vera succulent

Aloe has been used for years for its healing properties, and those properties, along with how easy aloe vera succulents are to care for, make this small houseplant a great gift. These plants only have to be watered every two to four weeks, and if they’re placed in natural sunlight, they’ll grow and flourish. What a beautiful way to remind guests of the great time they had at your wedding!

9. Bamboo sparklers

Sparklers are a fun, celebratory gesture that is sure to add some excitement to a wedding. Not only are bamboo sparklers safer than metal sparklers because it’s harder to burn yourself with bamboo, but they’re also much better for the environment and more sustainable in the long-term.

10. Natural temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos are fun, but they’re even more fun when they’re non-toxic and safe for your skin! Themed tattoos can be a great addition to wedding parting gifts.

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