To Parents in Florida: Real-World Tips for Helping Your Autistic Child

Maybe they’ve just been diagnosed. Maybe they’ve had autism for a long time, but you’ve only recently started to think about autism services in Miami, FL. Whatever your reasons for needing a helping hand with your child’s situation, here are just a few tips for caring for an autistic child.

Research Different Therapy Types

There are many forms of autism therapy in Miami, FL. For example, one of the most well-known is applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, but there’s also behavior modification treatment (BMT) and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). These might have overlapping goals but different tools, techniques, methods, or values. You’ll need to do your homework to decide which is right for your child. You might also need to try various types of therapy before you find one that delivers results.

Learn the Lingo

As you continue to research autism, you’ll run into certain terms over and over again. It’s best to memorize them quickly so that you can absorb their meaning and better understand what teachers and therapists are talking about. These terms might include things like “scripting,” “stimming,” “meltdown,” and “savant.” If you’re reaching out to experts in autism therapy in Miami, FL, you might hear scientific words like “echolalia” or “proprioception.” If you’re thinking about school, be prepared to work out an “individualized education plan (IEP).”

These are just a few ways to help your child cope with their condition. For more information, including how to get started with autism services in Miami, FL, contact A1A Behavioral Health at

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