Three Ways a Podiatrist Tackles Feet and Ankle Issues in Chicago South Loop

Many people may know that a podiatrist in Chicago South Loop handles foot problems, but these professionals also handle ankle and nerve problems. These conditions can arise from diabetes, injuries, or footwear. When diagnosing a patient, they must consider bone structure, muscularity, and joint health.

Heel Pain

Heel pain can be a debilitating condition. Some of the things that cause it are plantar fasciitis and stress fractures. Once pinpointing the underlying issue causing the pain, a podiatrist in Chicago South Loop might recommend orthotics. These are custom appliances that fit in your shoes. Some people may have to undergo surgery or use daily stretching exercises to alleviate the ache.


Some common ankle problems that podiatrists frequently see are sprains and twists. The pain is caused by torn or stretched ligaments. Signs that you have a sprained ankle range from swelling to bruising. Until you can get to the office, do your best to stay off that foot, and ice may alleviate some of the discomfort. It is a good idea to seek the advice of a podiatrist when you have an ankle strain. This will ensure the foot heals correctly and in place, and these experts may give you some strategies and exercises to reduce your chances of it happening again.


Individuals with diabetes can have chronic foot problems because of circulation issues. People with diabetes need to have their feet routinely inspected for wounds and fungal infections. For more information on how a podiatrist in Chicago South Loop can help you, visit Mitchell Foot & Ankle.

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