Three Common Services Offered to Senior Women at a Gynecologist Clinic in Norman OK

A gynecologist handles women of all ages, from barely teenaged girls who just started their period to senior women long past the stages of menopause. Many would think that once menopause age is reached, there is no longer a reason for requiring gynecologist services. This is untrue, as there are still several services offered to senior women. The gynecologist clinic in Norman OK offers three common services to women of an extended age.

Cancer Screening

Cancer can plague people of any age, but it most often occurs in middle age to elderly men and women. Women who have a family history of cancer or who otherwise believe they may have the deadly disease can receive a cancer screening from a clinic. The screening includes taking a full history and answering questions regarding overall health and reason concerns. A full physical exam is taken, along with blood and urine samples, genetic testing, and imaging procedures. The screening searches for any abnormal tissue or cell counts within the body.

Mammogram Referrals

Breast cancer is one of the main types that affect women. This is why a clinic offers mammogram referrals. Any woman that believes they may have breast cancer, either because they found a lump, their breasts seem to be changing, or they have a history of the cancer form in their family, can have a referral made to have a mammogram completed. This will detect if there is, in fact any type of cancer or issue within the breast.

Hormone Therapy

Menopause can take a while to set in. Some do not experience it until their late 50s, while others go through the change must sooner. Older women who have not still completely gone through the menopause phase can receive hormone therapy through a gynecologist. This helps to reduce symptoms, particularly hot flashes.

A gynecologist clinic in Norman OK provides comprehensive services to women of all ages. There are three common services offered to senior women that they can and should utilize. Contact us to learn more about the various services offered and how we can assist senior women and other females of any age.

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