Things to Know About Dermal Fillers in Toronto

The natural process of aging brings about various changes in our bodies, some of which may include the appearance of new wrinkles on our cheeks or cheekbones that are lower than they previously were. If you are dissatisfied with these indicators of age, dermal fillers in Toronto may be able to help lessen their appearance.

What They Are

Botox, an injectable medication authorized to reduce wrinkles and creases, should not be mistaken for dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injectable implants approved to help smooth skin and wrinkles, whereas the latter “freezes” muscles to minimize wrinkles. They are injected beneath your skin with a needle, as their name suggests.

Why People Use Dermal Fillers

As we become older, our faces will inevitably become thinner. This causes the skin to droop, the cheekbones to hollow down, and create an overall aged look. Dermal fillers in Toronto are an effective method for restoring lost volume, smoothing out wrinkles, and enhancing the contours of your face in a way that can appear perfectly natural. Dermal fillers are safe and can be reversed.

What Kind of Results Do They Deliver?

Depending on the kind of filler and the injection location, most fillers have a duration ranging anywhere from six months to several years. Your cosmetic surgeon at a place such as Pearl on King – Toronto Botox, Fillers, & PRP will be the best person to advise you on the expected duration of the effects of the fillers you select.

The results can be seen right away. Some individuals may first feel as though the treatment areas are “overfilled,” but after the swelling goes down and the filler settles, the ultimate result can seem more natural.

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