Things to Consider before Buying a Wheelchair in Maryland

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Health, Health And Fitness

When you find yourself unable to get around well or the doctor recommends you travel around in a wheelchair to avoid hurting yourself as you age, it is important to find the right wheelchair in Maryland. There are many factors that play into finding the one that is just right for you. Because an ill-fitting chair is not only useless but also dangerous, taking the time to find the right one is essential.


There are a variety of styles available, but the most common are the standard, lightweight and heavy duty. The standard chair is perfect for anyone who weighs less than 300 pounds and is easily able to use their arms to maneuver themselves around. The person who is in decent health but simply needs a little help getting around is the best candidate for this chair. The lightweight chair is similar but offers easier maneuvering for those who have difficulty propelling themselves. The heavy-duty chair is for the person who weighs over 300 pounds and needs a sturdier product.


The seat of a wheelchair in Maryland is an important component because it is where the patient will spend all their time. Before you order anything, you should either measure the width of the bottom half of your body and add two inches on each side for wiggle room or try out a few chairs in a showroom to see what width fits best. Care should also be taken to provide enough depth to give leg support and height to support the neck and back.

Foot and Leg Rests

If you have leg or foot issues that require elevation for your feet or legs, you will have to pay close attention to this area. If you do not require elevation, you can minimize the footrest and eliminate the leg rest altogether because they simply add bulkiness and weight to the wheelchair.

While it might seem overwhelming to choose the appropriate wheelchair in Maryland, if you stick to the basic decisions, you will have an easier time choosing. The right chair will give you the support you need and the ability to get around easily. Consider the style, size of the seat and whether you need foot and leg rests to help you find the right chair for your needs.



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