There’s No Need To Wait At A Hospital When Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati OH Can Reduce The Time

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Health

Sending an employee to the hospital for a work-related injury, routine drug screenings, DOT physicals or workers compensation rehabilitation can be tried with the wait time. When they’re sent to a facility that is equipped to handle Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH, the wait time is dramatically cut while receiving the same quality service. Smaller facilities are able to deliver more personalized care and attention to an employer’s employees. Employees can be fast tracked for routine exams as part of the pre-employment screening or to fulfill government regulations.

Drug screening is becoming very popular with employers. The proper protocol of the testing is followed, and the company has been notified as soon as possible of the drug testing results. This allows companies to make a formal offer sooner with accurate results. This would include pre-employment screening as well as work related injury drug screening. X-rays and other blood work can also be performed at a facility that provides Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH. When flu season is right around the bend, this type of facility can handle corporate flu shots for any size company. This allows a company to protect its employees from the severe illness that can be caused by the flu for a fraction of the cost.

Worker’s compensation needs to be handled by a professional organization with the belief that returning an employee to work is important. Employees can be monitored and assessed on a regular basis. Companies will be updated on their progress of returning to work. Illness management for employees that are off due to work-related illnesses can also be monitored by a professional. It’s like having a facility that can follow employees that need medical assistance in the company. Industrial healthcare solutions can help a company to be more profitable with less downtime of employee injuries or illnesses.

Eastside Urgent Care offers a variety of healthcare solutions for businesses. A member of their professional staff can meet with the company to determine the company’s needs a design a plan of the delivery of healthcare for their employees. There’s no need to contract with a hospital for worker’s compensation needs when they can deliver the same great care.

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