The various Natural Hair Growth Treatments

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Beauty

There are many myths as to what is the best method to grow natural hair fast. In most cases the best natural hair growth treatments are the ones that use natural products. To date most people still do not know how to care for their natural hair. The treatments listed below have been proven to grow hair faster as compared to other options. The key most important ingredient is usually natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil commonly used in hot oil treatments. The oil can be mixed with other ingredients such as apple cider vinegar or honey to further nourish the hair.

Ayurvedic methods have been adopted worldwide for natural hair growth treatments; the most common is the use of jojoba oil missed with rosemary oil as a leave in conditioner to improve hair condition. Other methods include the use of natural herbal hair growth treatments such as use of henna and Aloe Vera to enhance hair follicles and cells hence improving hair growth.

In recent years scientists have discovered that use of other natural oils such as Shea butter and argan oil in natural hair growth treatments aid in growing hair faster and preventing hair loss for people suffering from Alopecia. These oils and others can be rinsed of or alternatively used as leave-in conditioners to further nourish hair. To further increase the benefits from these oils, they should be applied to the hair while it is still wet so that they can lock in the moisture and keep it hydrated to prevent breakage.

Supplements can also be used to regenerate hair cells for faster hair growth. The best vitamins for hair growth include; vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin and omega-3. Should all these methods fail; {though the chances are low} medical consultation should be sought so that the doctor can prescribe drugs specifically developed to promote hair growth.

All in all, natural hair growth treatments always work. The most important thing should be to know that hair is nourished by protein hence natural hair masks such as eggs, yoghurt and milk can also be used for a low budget all natural hair care.

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