The Podiatrists Greeley CO and Arch Supports for Flatfeet

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Health

Do you have flatfeet? You can tell if you do by standing up and checking to see if your souls are completely flat on the ground. If this happens, you do not have an arch. It is a common condition. However, some people will complain of discomfort as a result. There is good news; there is help available. The Podiatrists Kenosha, WI will look at your exam your feet and determine if a custom made arch support is the answer. If it is the right answer for you, these products can be made to give your foot the support it needs.

Many people wonder what is involved if custom made arch supports are advised. There is no need to worry; there is no pain involved at all. A mold is taken of your feet. From that mold, the supports are made. In most cases, the supports will be made in less than a few weeks time. There are many people who play sports and rely on arch supports to help them feel their best and play at their best levels. The Podiatrists Kenosha, WI will explain which supports will work best for your needs and the turnaround time.

Once you have your supports, you will notice that walking feels different. Practice walking around the room and get used to the new supports. After that, you will notice your feel better. If you are purchasing these products for a child, many Podiatrists offices will have an insurance plan available. As the child grows, his feet will grow too, with the insurance plan in place the next set will be reduced in cost. It is best to ask the medical office if they offer an insurance option for growing children prior to the fist pair being made. The savings can be substantial.

If you wondering how the supports are fitting into shoes, it is an easy process. The first thing you will do is take the inserts out of the shoes. Next, you place one arch support into each shoe. After that, you are ready to put on your shoes. It is that simple.

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