The History and Modern Application of Herbal Medicine

Wouldn’t it be nice if the solutions to our health and wellness problems grew on trees? Herbal medicine practitioners would argue that they do – and they also grow on the ground, on vines, and in many other locations around the world. These solutions come from all-natural herbs and plants and can provide healing and better health for people from all walks of life. Here’s how:

A Storied Tradition

Herbalism has been used for centuries in record history – and likely even before then. With most of our modern chemical medications having been created to synthesize the effects of natural medicines, it’s no wonder why even doctors of traditional western medicine see the many benefits of using herbalism as an approach to better living.

Some ways that people have been using herbal remedies for ages include:

* Skin salves made from aloe vera and witch hazel for healing and soothing injuries or manifestations of illness.
* Herbal chews used for soothing upset stomachs or providing energy and focus.
* Herbal presses used to stem bleeding and reduce swelling.
* Powders or liquids derived from herbal ingredients, ingested for better health, to soothe physical or mental symptoms, or to calm the nerves.

All of these bring to mind today’s medicines, most of which have been created in an attempt to mimic the effects that people have been enjoying from herbal medicine techniques for thousands of years.

Continuing Care

For those interested in helping others learn to heal their  bodies or to provide healing for them, there are many herbal medicine degree programs available in the United States and all around the world. Some of these can be found at major colleges and universities, while others can be found through online or distance learning programs, making them convenient for people at every stage of life.

Ready to learn more? Look for online resources and herbal medicine degree programs to get started on your journey toward a healthier life, naturally.

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