The Growing Popularity of Chiropractor Services in Dallas

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Healthcare

In as much as it is classified as alternative medicine, the popularity of chiropractic care seems to be growing by the day, not only in Dallas, Texas but in America at large. This is in response to the growing number of neck and back pain cases. Statistics released by the American Chiropractic Association suggest that back and neck pain affect approximately 80% of Americans at some point in their lives and that approximately $50 billion are spent each year to treat back pain in the United States.

Further statistics claim that of all the people who undergo back surgery, 40% report no reduction in pain one year after surgery. With back pain becoming harder and riskier to treat, Americans are looking for a safer and more effective way to alleviate these conditions. For the residents of Dallas, chiropractor professionals have been lifesavers. As a study report published in 2010 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reiterates, chiropractors are reducing the cost of back pain treatment in Dallas and America by 40%. Additionally, there are indirect savings from less use of drug and expensive surgeries.

Why opt for a chiropractor

For residents of Dallas and the larger United States, there are a number of reasons why you should consider chiropractor professional over complementary medicine. To start with, chiropractic is based on natural methods of bettering health such as good posture, self regulating control systems and adjustment. Unlike other treatment methods, chiropractic focuses on correcting the root cause of the ailment and returning the body to a state of normalcy where every system is functioning as it should.

Another reason for you to see a chiropractor is because it has been proven to be safer and more effective than complementary medicine. Even though chiropractic can have adverse effects, they are significantly minimal compared to complementary medicine options. The risk of suffering major complications during chiropractic adjustments is 1 in 100 million for lower back adjustments and 1 in 5.85 million in neck adjustments.

Surgeries, especially back and neck surgeries are far riskier as they involve the delicate spinal column, and the strong painkillers used for these pains are highly toxic.

Chiropractic treatment is less costly than complementary medicine. In as much as chiropractic sessions are not exactly cheap, they are still cheaper than visiting the hospital and they bring in more benefits. A chiropractor will treat the root cause of the problem which means that when the pain is gone, it is gone for good. This is as opposed to taking drugs to relieve pain for a short time. What is more, should you have to go for a surgery; it will be much more expensive than seeing a chiropractor.

The holistic nature of chiropractic treatment also makes it very beneficial in the long term. A chiropractor will readjust your body to function properly and offer nutrition and exercise advise to maintain it that way. This ensures that even after the pain is gone, the body is protected from potentially dangerous situations. In the end, seeing a chiropractor professional in Dallas becomes more cost effective.




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