The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

by | May 19, 2015 | Health & Fitness

Massage is often thought of as a form of relaxation, removing the tension from tight muscles and helping people unwind from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Intriguingly, there is far more to massage than simply an enjoyable experience; used properly, therapeutic massage can treat a range of different conditions and provide a valuable addition to many successful treatment regimens. If you live in the Manhattan area and like the idea of using massage therapy to improve your health and well-being, have a look at the following advantages which it can bring.

Improved Range of Movement and Flexibility

Often as a result of poor posture, accident or injury, muscles and soft tissues can become swollen, limiting the range of mobility of crucial joints. If the swelling continues for a considerable period of time (a chronic condition), regaining mobility can be a real challenge as surrounding muscles may be too tense to allow it. Massage therapy from a reputable specialist in Manhattan will relax the muscles and help reduce swelling (oedema), enhancing mobility and paving the way towards overall better function.

Promote Healing

Massage has the effect of increasing blood flow to the affected area; a key requirement for improved healing. Greater blood flow brings an increase in the number of healing cells which are present in the area and speeds up the removal of dead or damaged cells, promoting faster regeneration and healing. If you live in Manhattan, a local massage therapy practice such as the Living Well Balanced Centre can be an ideal location from which to start your healing journey.

Prevent Pain and Future Trauma

Often the poor posture which causes pain and discomfort is a habit which is perpetuated by stiff, sore muscles. Massage therapy in Manhattan brings relief from the muscle stiffness and spasms which can be the cause of continual postural problems. Once assuming the correct stance while walking, sitting or lying can be comfortably achieved, it becomes much easier to make better posture the new norm, leading to greater well-being and minimizing the risk of future problems.

For many Manhattan residents, massage therapy has the power to significantly transform their lives for the better, bringing relief from the pain and discomfort which damaged muscles or soft tissue can bring, even if the problem has been persisting for several months. If you or someone you know might benefit from massage therapy, get in touch with the Living Well Balanced Center. They offer a full range of therapeutic services and nutritional advice, providing a holistic solution to many common health issues.

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