The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

The application of massage as both a relaxation and curative measure has existed for centuries. In the United States, however, its popularity was not manifested until the 20th century. Even then, the focus was on the classic forms such as Swedish massage. In the past few decades, however, interest has grown increasingly in the use of massage as a therapeutic tool. This has resulted in a growing interest in its various diverse forms including hot stone massage.

Hot Stone Massage: Definition and Techniques

Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy. It uses hot stones to massage the body. The warmth from the hot stones works its way into the muscles. This relaxes them. In doing so, it makes them easier to work with. The massage therapist, with increased access to the deeper muscle and tissue layers, can then work with greater ease to release the tension found within the body.

The stones used in this form of massage therapy tend to be of either basalt or marble. They may be positioned on your body for anywhere between one-half to an hour and one-half. Their warmth not only relaxes the muscles but also promotes blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels. Overall, the heat and relaxing atmosphere – often reinforced by ambient music, produces a tranquil and relaxing sense of being. This is one major reason people in Jacksonville, FL may visit a massage therapist. It is not, however, the only one.

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Yet, those who seek out hot stone massage therapy in Jacksonville, FL do so for more than relief from stress. They are in search of certain benefits that are associated with this type of massage therapy. Among the many benefits linked to hot stone massage therapy and massage therapy in general are:

• Pain relief from strained and contracted muscles
• Reduction in muscle pain
• Muscle spasm relief
• Reduction in the pain associated with tension and chronic stress
• Improves the flexibility of body components such as joints. This improves mobility and increases such things as range of motion and movement

In general, hot stone massage therapists tout the benefits of the massage in its ability to address and reduce several issues associated with:

• Arthritis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Fibromyalgia

Yet, many who visit a hot stone massage therapist in cities such as Jacksonville, FL, do not always focus on specific health benefits. Instead, they are there to enjoy the overall pleasure that it can provide, including a wonderful sense of well-being.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

While some opt for this as an alternative form of healing, others are there to simply enjoy the pleasurable sense of calm, pleasure and relaxation that hot stone massage and other related types, can bring them in this busy and sometimes stressful world.

If you are considering trying out an enjoyable way to relax, remove stress and stay healthy, we suggest you try Hot Stone Massage. In Jacksonville, FL at Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa, our massage therapists offer you a wide selection of massage therapies. Based upon your particular requests, we can provide you with an incredible experience. We focus all our concentrated energy on you and your needs. Come and discover how we can help you in today’s business and stressful world. To discover more, visit our website.

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