The basics of iridology training

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Iridology training describes the practice of studying the iris of the eye in order to assess the body’s state of health. When the body is out of alignment, there are changes to the iris which reflect these conditions. One can receive iridology training from a trusted local natural health school as well as taking classes online to receive a certificate in iridology. This specialization is often used as an add on to an existing natural health practitioner diploma to allow the individual to further expand their practice into additional fields.

Areas of health or weakness

By looking into the iris of the eye, the iridologist is able to determine areas of health or specific areas of weakness in the body. They use the iris as a portal into viewing the inner workings of the body. In order to understand how to read the iris in this way, you must first complete your iridology training. The training you receive will help you every step of the way with mastering how to read the iris accurately and efficiently.

Reading markings in the eyes

Certain areas of the iris, which is the colored part of the eye, are said to correlated to particular organs within the body. Reading the markings in the eye is the first step towards getting a picture of the individual’s current state of health. Some of the markings that will be visible include rings, discolorations, and spots. When viewed by an experienced iridologist, these markings all relay specific information that when understood can assist the individual in establishing body equilibrium and improved states of health.

Depending on the school you select, the course hour requirements may vary as well as the specific courses needed to graduate. Signing up for iridology training with an accredited online school can facilitate you in obtaining your certification in this field of study.

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