That Persistent Sniffling Can Drive You Mad

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Health

Your nose may be irritating you all the time. This ticklish nose complaint seems to be without reason or season, but is more likely to strike in winter and should not be confused with the hay fever allergy. This annoying complaint afflicts like no other and is debilitating in the sense that you can’t get anything done for sneezing and coughing. In fact, in extreme cases you don’t want to be in the presence of others not so afflicted, for fear of passing on ‘germs’. To crown your discomfort, your eyes are also probably constantly running.

So, a ‘tickling’ ‘sniffling’ nose is something that is hard to ignore and something that renders you immediately ‘persona non-gratis’, even though out of politeness no one will admit as much. But you know – you certainly know. And if you possibly can nurse a severe case of the tickling, sniffling nose solely in your own, then so much the better for all concerned. Unfortunately, the reality is that you just have to grin and bear that nose and get on with life.

Now, what about the causes of that ‘running’ nose? Your local chemist will be pleased to advise and will be only too pleased to ply you with proprietary medication and ‘wonder cures’ that are constantly reinvented. But no matter how much medication or patent cures you try, your ticklish cough will fight back and it will run its course no matter what. All the ‘cures’ under the sun will fail you after, at best, a brief period of respite. So stay calm and buy a box of tissues – those are still the best general advice.

And then, if your ‘running nose’ is still running and irritating after a week or so, what then? It may be that you will then need to find expert professional attention. You may in fact need the services of a Fort Myers nose doctor to prescribe a more rigorous medical treatment.

The reality is that an irritating, running or ticklish nose, or a nose suffering all those things simultaneously, may signal sinusitis, nasal obstruction, allergic rhinitis, or nasal lesions. Maybe you have a “stuffy nose,” rhinorrhea, epistaxis, frontal or maxillary headaches (don’t worry, the doctor will be able to explain these things in much simpler terms!). These symptoms may be worse at night or in the early morning. That runny nose may even result in nostril pain, discharges, or you may feel generally unwell.

The nose doctor Fort Myers area may be curious about a variety of key factors connected with your complaint. He may enquire whether you have used proprietary medicines and, if so, which ones. He may ask whether your sinuses are bothering you, if you suffer from a chronic respiratory infection, and if you have nosebleeds or suffer from headaches. And, of course, he is bound to ask you the inevitable question: Do you smoke?

If you have sinusitis and your condition merits such action, the nose doctor may then prescribe antibiotics, decongestants, a nasal spray and possibly steroids. He may specify further special treatments if necessary.

If your nose is really becoming a problem, consult a nose doctor in Fort Myers. Ask referral from friends or simply visit us.


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