Substance Abuse Treatment for the Rise of Overdoses During the Pandemic

The United States is experiencing an opioid overdose crisis that has been escalating over recent years. The global pandemic that was declared in March 2020 has appeared to make matters even worse. Anyone who is addicted to prescription opiate drugs or heroin may seek substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis. Effective inpatient and outpatient programs are available.

Reasons for the Escalation

Some emergency rooms have reported an enormous increase in overdose cases since March. In addition, the number of relapses being reported is discouraging. Addiction counselors and psychologists believe the rise of overdoses during the pandemic is connected with social distancing, financial problems and general anxiety. A sense of isolation can increase the compulsion to use drugs. In the Twin Cities, outbreaks of violence have also caused more stress among residents.

Another pandemic-related issue involves disruptions in the drug supply chain for people who have been making their purchases on the street. In some cases, the regular dealer was not there. In others, the buyer could no longer afford the price. Either way, this individual had to find someone else to buy from. This person then risked taking a drug of unknown composition and potency. That dramatically increases the risk of overdose.

Beginning Long-Term Recovery

With prompt treatment by emergency room doctors, patients can recover from the immediate crisis. However, they will likely require substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis to successfully begin their journey for long-term mental and physical recovery.

Help for chemical dependency is provided at River Ridge Treatment Center, which offers details at the website.

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