Strategic Ways to Build a Cybersecurity Culture in Your Urgent Care Clinic

For the most part, healthcare facilities are affirming HIPAA compliance by protecting patients’ information. Equally important is shielding themselves from dangerous cyber attacks. With the healthcare industry experiencing this daily, urgent care PM software is one tool that can help.

What can also help these facilities achieve success with these challenges is having a cybersecurity culture. Here are a few principles that you can follow to develop a culture change for securing personal, patient and organizational data.

Keep Staff Engaged with Security Practices

While initial training is important, you must also keep your staff engaged. Plan a workforce initiative that keeps employees engaged in security practices. Continue to keep them involved by reinforcing the formal training they receive.

Align Cybersecurity Awareness with Strategic Goals

Your facility’s strategic goals should align with cybersecurity awareness activities. This keeps the bigger vision at the forefront of employees’ minds as the engage with patient data and other important information related to the services your urgent care provides.

Ensuring that everyone is aware helps to convince employees and leadership that a genuine cultural change is crucial. Doing so adds value that supports the viability and growth of the center.

Prioritize Risks and Needs

Another important step is to make an assessment of risks and needs, and prioritize them according to the most at-risk departments. Build alliances so that everyone on the organizational chart willingly collaborate in advocating why cybersecurity practices are so important.

Healthcare workers who understand their role in identifying risks with compromising data will actively seek ways to overcome potential threats. It is important that all processes, including urgent care PM software, take active roles in effectively overcoming potential threats.

Even with the best policies, security officers and training, there are technology-based protections that can help. Do everything necessary to keep your center and patients protected.

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