Some of the Most Common Types of Issues with a Toenail in Joliet

Our feet, toes and their nails take a beating every single day. Because of this, many individuals do develop some kind of issue that needs to be treated by a foot doctor. Here are some of the most common types of issues that someone may experience with a toenail in Joliet.


A lot of individuals develop a bony bump right on the joint of their big toe. Bunions often occur in women who wear high heels. They tend to be painful and can make it difficult to wear shoes. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of different treatment options available that don’t require surgery. They include orthotics, medications and applying ice on the bunion.


Some individuals may look down at their toes and notice that some of their nails don’t look healthy. A fungus can develop under a nail for a variety of different reasons. Mold and yeast are often the culprits, and they can cause parts of the nail to turn green or brittle. Fungus usually isn’t a serious issue, and certain medications may be able to clear it up.

Ingrown Nails

An ingrown nail is rather painful. It can be caused by things such as stubbing the toe or improperly trimming the nail. Most ingrown nails can be treated rather quickly without any surgical interventions.

Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates can treat a wide variety of different issues with a toenail in Joliet. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates today to learn more about the different services and treatments that they offer.

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