Some Insights on Intensive Physical Therapy

by | May 29, 2012 | Healthcare

Intensive physical therapy is a requirement for patients that are recovering from the intensive care unit. Research has shown that the skills of a qualified physical therapist are vital for the quick recovery of ICU patients. A doctor recommend when the therapy sessions should begin based on the status of the patient and his medical history. The sessions usually begin when the patient regains consciousness. In addition to working with patients that are recovering from the ICU, therapists also handle patients that breathe using a ventilator.

Physical therapists also administer treatment to patients by using a variety of motion exercises. These exercises can be done while the patient sits in a chair on in bed. Research shows that, for patients that receive physical therapy Howard County initially, the time spent in the ICU and the hospital is considerably less than those that do not receive therapy. Respiratory-failure patients that receive early physical and mobilization therapy within two days of the insertion of the breathing tube recovered three days earlier than patients that did not receive therapy.

Nursing assistants can also administer physical therapy after receiving training from qualified physical therapists. The nursing assistants can massage the muscles and of patient’s lower and upper limbs. They can do this thrice daily. Patients can then receive advanced therapy from the physical therapist after the patients make some progress in their condition. The therapeutic procedures are safe. Also, there are no additional costs to the hospital as the reduced duration of stay in the hospital offsets the salaries of the employees that administered the physical and motion therapy.

In addition to shorter durations of stay in the hospital, the patients that received physical therapy Howard County earlier do not experience adverse changes as they receive the ICU therapy. Professional physical therapists administer diagnosis and therapy to patients regardless of their age. Patients, young and old, that have medical problems and various conditions may experience limitations in mobility. Physical therapists assist these people in resuming the functional activities that they do on a daily basis. Therapist examine the patients and come up with an effective treatment plan to prevent disability, restore function, relieve pain and improve mobility.

Furthermore, physical therapists develop fitness oriented programs that assist the patient in living an active lifestyle and avoiding loss of mobility. Immobility can lead to a loss of physical conditioning. This problem is widespread among patient of respiratory failure. This means that they cannot breathe without the aid of a ventilator. It is imperative that patients receive physical therapy from therapists that have extensive experience with the patient’s unique problem. This will ensure that the patient receives the best care and recovers quickly in order that they may resume the normal life.

Patients that are recovering from the intensive care unit require physical therapy Howard County in order that they recover quickly. For further information of finding qualified physical therapists, visit


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