Signs that it’s time for your Loved One to Stay in a Nursing Home

Getting older comes with a lot of benefits. Your more experienced, your wiser, and you even had the pleasure of watching people grow and seeing the world change around you, but unfortunately, with old age comes sickness, body deterioration, and it can be hard to live alone, especially if you have Alzheimer’s. Here are three signs that your loved one might need to stay in a nursing home.

They can’t or struggle to walk

We all feel tired, sluggish, and weak every now and then. Especially if you just got off work, but if you notice your loved one is struggling to walk in general, or they can’t walk short distances without getting tired, then it might be time for them to go to a nursing home.

They are slowly becoming more forgetful

Everybody forgets things every now and then, but if your loved one is always forgetting things, and struggles with normal daily activity, then it might be time for them to go to a nursing home.

You are struggling to care for them

If your loved one has become needier and it’s hard for you to keep up with their needs, then it might be time for them to join a nursing home.

We have a Alzheimer’s nursing home in San Antonio, TX. We take care of all the hard stuff while you sit back and relax. We work around the clock to ensure that you get the best care possible and don’t have to worry about getting hurt or being in a dangerous situation alone. Our Alzheimer’s nursing home in San Antonio, TX, is also family-friendly, so they can visit our website any time they want!

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