Sharp Fluidics for Your OR Needs

There are few industries where quality equipment is more important than in the field of medicine, especially in the realm of the operating room. Keeping surgeons and support staff safe is an essential part of that equipment’s use. For hospitals, clinics, and private practices, few companies can provide safety supplies as effortlessly as Sharp Fluidics. We specialize in the OR safety and efficiency equipment you need to provide the best care for your patients and your staff.

When you want to increase OR efficiency, Sharp Fluidics can help lead you down the right path. Our line of Operative Armor will offer your team the best in protection within the operating room. This system can eliminate danger from the passage and handling of needles, reduces distractions during counts, allows the surgeon to better control the pace of closure, and improve workflow and labor efficiency. Reducing needlestick injury alone is one of the most important benefits of our system.

Our team of experts have decades of experience in the surgical and medical field. Doctors, operating nurses, and research scientists combine their skills to help develop the best equipment available. Their extensive time in the OR drives their innovation, leading to tools and techniques that are practical and ready for use.

Increasing OR efficiency is something on which every surgery center wants to be focused. Sharp Fluidics has the development specialty and experienced team to help you make your operating room perform at its best, while providing the security and safety your operating team needs.

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