Seeing Podiatrists When Foot Trouble Arises

When someone wears high-heeled shoes often, they may find that they suffer from a lot of pain in their body afterward. While high heels look nice on the feet, they can do a lot of damage to certain portions of the body. This could lead to the need to see Podiatrists in an attempt to find relief. Here are some of the areas of the body that tend to suffer the most after wearing high heels on a regular basis.

Shoulders And Back

Often, high-heeled shoes will lead to poor posture. When someone wears heels a lot, their body will get accustomed to the stance they carry when they have their shoes on. When the shoes are removed, they will need to push their body into a different positioning in order to attempt to look like they are standing up straight. This back and forth between high heels and flats will alter the posture tremendously. This will in turn cause pain in the shoulders and back.

Foot Problems

High heels tend to have pointed areas for the toes to squeeze into. This will then cause problems like bunions, hammertoe, or corns on the feet. Heels will also cause the toes to need to remain in a grasping position in order for the body to remain upright. Foot problems are usually abundant with regular high heel usage.


The knees will weaken when wearing heels. Since the knees receive the impact of each step taken, over time they will be in pain from excessive high heel usage. Often someone with knee troubles due to heel wear will eventually suffer from arthritis of the knees.

When there is a need to see one of the Podiatrists in the area to help reduce pain one feels in the feet as a result of high heel wear, they will want to make an appointment with a practice known for its dedication to their patients. Contact Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ to make an appointment for an evaluation of the condition promptly. The physician will then make recommendations on how to alleviate any pain felt as a result of wearing heels excessively. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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