Reasons to Enroll Your Dog in a Local Doggy Day Care While You Are Away

Most pet owners consider their dogs to be a part of their family. They are no longer just household pets who get left by the wayside when their owners leave for vacation or a business trip. Instead, they are entitled to around-the-clock care to ensure their happiness and safety.

Before you depart from home, you may want to make arrangements for someone to take good care of your dog. By enrolling your dog in the best dog day care in Chicago, you can take your trip knowing that your canine family member will be cared for during your absence.

Fun Activities

While your dog is at the best dog day care in Chicago, you may want to feel assured that your dog will be entertained while you are away. You may spend hours each week playing fetch and other games with your pooch. You do not want it to get bored or lazy while you are gone.

Your dog will be kept busy and get plenty of exercise until you return home from your trip. The doggy day care may offer fun activities for pooches like:

  • Games of fetch
  • Swimming or playing in a water sprinkler
  • Walks to the park
  • Indoor play time with squeaky toys

Doggy Safety

The day care may also take steps to make sure your dog is safe. It may offer a virtual camera you can log into and watch to monitor your pet’s safety.

In addition, the day care may separate large dogs from small ones to prevent fights. It also may require your dog to be fully vaccinated before you leave it there.

Your dog’s safety and wellness are priorities at our doggy day care. To learn more about our services or to find out about our rates, you can visit us online. Check out Chicago Canine Academy at We’re always here to help with your four-legged friend.

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