Reasons to Choose Oxygen Facials

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Healthcare

Oxygen facials have grown popular among celebrities and women for a more youthful appearance. This treatment is administered by an aesthetician. It consists of using pressurized oxygen, a customized serum and acid to the skin to make it look plumper and younger looking. Customers can see results after the first treatment, and the benefits grow with each treatment.

If you are thinking about plastic surgery, you may want to try this massage before going under the knife. This type of facial is different from Botox. It does not paralyze your expression lines. This treatment is fairly new, but most women have started out getting them every month. It is a less painful way to preserve your youth. There are different reasons to choose this treatment. It can reverse damage and protect against pollutants in the environment that are harmful to the skin. Some women have problems with the texture of their skin not feeling smooth. An oxygen massage can improve your overall texture and makes the face feel smoother.

Oxygen Facials release moisturisers into the skin that is quickly absorbed with help from the oxygen. This ingredient is the ultimate hydrator because of being infused with nutrients and vitamins. The body starts to absorb oxygen more slowly into the skin as we age. This may result in less elastin and collagen production, which leads to fine lines popping up on the face. If you choose to get the massage, pressurized oxygen helps the skin to take in the infused serums. The serums used are made from personalized mixtures depending on your skin type.

Women who want to improve the appearance of their skin can schedule a consultation. Most aestheticians use this meeting to examine your skin and to suggest products to use at home after the treatment. Traditional massage requires that you wait a 12 hour period before applying makeup. You can apply make-up immediately after this type of massage because of giving the skin a more moisturized and smooth surface. Oxygen Facials is a starting point, but it also helps to live a healthy lifestyle and follow a skin routine to help with preserving your youthful appearance.


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