Mental Health Services in Mountain View CA Helps With Various Disorders

There are times in your life when you are under so much stress that you are about to proverbially pull your hair out. Those are the times when you feel as if you will lose your mind, when your life seems to be in an illusory state. In such times, you should take the liberty to call upon someone who can help guide you back to reality. There is an agency who provides Mental Health Services in Mountain View CA. Various illnesses and disease are associated with mental health disorders; they want to tell you about them.

* Anxiety disorders occur when people respond to objects or situations with an overwhelming sense of dread or fear. Symptoms include rapid heartbeats and sweating. Some kinds of anxiety disorders include post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and phobias.

* Psychotic disorders are related to disorganized thought processes, a warped sense of reality and distortion of awareness. Two of the most common symptoms of psychoses are hallucinations, which include experiences of sounds and images that are not really there, and the other symptom is a delusion. A delusional person believes what he or she believes despite evidence to the contrary.

* Personality disorders show up in people who have extreme and inflexible personality traits that end up causing problems for them socially, at work and/or at school.

* Impulse disorders and addictions occur in people who have strong urges or impulses to complete acts that could be detrimental to them or people around them. Examples of such are kleptomania (an uncontrollable desire to steal), and pyromania (a fascination and uncontrollable impulse to start fires.

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