Procedures and therapies involved in body massage

by | Nov 16, 2011 | General

There are more than one procedures and therapies involved when it comes to massage techniques. It can be difficult for you to decide which one is right for yielding the desired result. So, you can choose from the different therapies accordingly. Here is a brief introduction about the different types of massages.

The different kinds of massages that you can choose from

Ayurvedic massage has its origins in India and is also known as Abhyange massage. This massage technique has been around for over five thousand years. It involves extensive procedures and the therapies usually have two people giving the massage. They use a blend of herbal oils which are heated and it works to create a balance between the person’s body, mind and spirit.

The traditional Persian massage was introduced to the world by Darius III. It is also known as Cachunga. The procedures and therapies involved in this technique improve the blood circulation in the body. It is a deep tissue massage therapy and is great for women during their nursing period.

Another great massage technique is the Chinese Tui Na massage which will be great for your muscles. Your muscles will be pushed, stretched and kneaded so that you get a totally relaxed experience. It is also believed that the procedures and therapies involved in this massage technique are great for treating respiratory, digestive and reproductive system disorders. It is also great for treating musculoskeletal problems too.

Deep tissue massage therapy is another good technique that works on muscle groups and specific joints in the body. This technique will give your muscles more freedom of movement.

This is a small guide on the different procedures and therapies that are involved in different body massage to help you judge with is the right technique for you.

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