Prevent A Pet’s Illness With Expert Care

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Animal Health

As owners of wonderful pets, we can’t always guarantee that they stay safe and illness-free. Yet we can do our part by visiting a reputable veterinary hospital in Chicago so that we can do our best to keep our furry friend healthy. The experts at a trusted vet’s office can work hard to ensure the most in preventative care. Let’s take a look at just what you can do to help your cat or dog live a long and happy life in the best health possible.

For Adult Animals

When you have a dog or cat that is in their adult years, then you need to take extra precautions to keep them in optimal form and health. To do this, you can visit a veterinary professional on a routine basis. This expert can be a huge benefactor for your animal and is one of the most helpful factors in reducing the risk of serious disease or illness. A more mature dog or cat will need regular exams in order to determine they are healthy and living well. Vaccinations, lab work, and other tests may be needed, depending on the state of the animal’s health.

Puppy And Kitten Care

When you bring a new friend to your home, you want to be sure that you set them up for a happy and lengthy life. Besides giving them loads of hugs, kisses, and cuddles, be sure to take them in to the vet’s office. It is here that they can receive the shots and exams they need. At the appropriate age, your puppy or kitten will have to be spayed or neutered. It is also a good idea to check for heartworms, viruses, and other diseases, such as rabies. To ensure that you never lose your furry buddy, try microchipping, which is safe and effective.

Senior Safety

Finally, keeping an older cat or dog out of harm’s way requires some additional care and attention. At this age, pets may be slower and less energetic, but that does not mean they deserve any less love! Have a veterinarian check out their activity level, weight, diet, and vitals. Older animals are more prone to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and infectious diseases, so take a proactive approach. Only the professionals can get you and your companion the medical care and attention they deserve. They are also great resources for advice, so get Fluffy or Fido in to the vet today!

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