Prescription Drug Abuse Rampant in Florida

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Florida is a state where cocaine is easily available. In July 2013, the American Coast Guard nabbed one of their biggest hauls ever. They intercepted 2300 pounds of cocaine with a street value of at least $35 million dollars. Yet, while cocaine remains a serious issue, other drug problems are prominent. Crack, a derivative of powder cocaine, heroin and alcohol all figure in the current situation.

These addictions alone would make it necessary to establish and operate addiction treatment centers in Florida. Yet, one other rising problem is currently causing increased enrollment. Florida, since 201, has been named the “Pill Mill” state for its use and abuse of prescription drugs.

Facts About Florida Prescription Drug Use and Abuse

The statistics are astounding. In Florida some 777,000 individuals admit they are taking prescription drugs for purposes that have nothing to do with any medical condition. The state’s Medical Examiner gave the fatality rate as five per day. Some addiction treatment centers in Florida would rate the overall death toll as being higher and growing since physicians in the state prescribe more of the addictive Oxycodone to their patients. In fact, the rate is 10 times higher than the prescriptions of all the other states merged together. This, as many addiction centers in Florida have noted is not decreasing.

Common Prescription Drugs

In Florida, addictions have developed to the following prescribed substances:

*   Oxycodone
*  OxyContin
*  Xanax
*  Valium
*  Hydrocodone
*  Fentanyl
*  Morphine

These drugs as addiction treatment centers in Florida and across the United States are highly addictive. Any drug containing a form of opium or considered an opiate requires strict supervision. Unfortunately, many individuals are obtaining these drugs without actually requiring them to benefit their health or to reduce actual pain. They do so with seeming ease in Florida obtaining the prescription drugs from any of several sources.

Common Sources

If you live or visit Florida, you have several options from which to obtain prescription drugs. Florida, as the Pain Mill state, offers them up in pain clinics and pill mills. They exist in abundance in Florida because of several factors including lax laws and a general reluctance to attempt a real crack down on the gratuitous prescribing of prescription drugs.

Taking prescription drug abuse is not a victimless crime. It reaches out and touches many different sectors of Florida society. Everyone becomes involved in some fashion. The family members, friends, co-workers, doctors, law enforcement agencies, and the justice system are all part of the groups that become involved in the situation. In the end, it is addiction treatment centers in Florida and elsewhere across the country that can help the addict and his or her family pull themselves out of the morass they have sunk into.

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