Preparing Your Home for Post-Surgical Recovery

As the largest joints in your body, your knees and hips are primarily responsible for your weight-bearing ability. Without them, walking would be impossible, and other movements would be severely impaired as well. As such, knee and hip replacements are commonly performed procedures. Unfortunately, recovery from these procedures (especially knee replacements) can be challenging. With proper preparation and the right home medical equipment, however, you can make the days and weeks following your surgery more manageable.

Make Small (But Important) Changes

Preparing your home for a return from surgery can be easy—it’s the consideration of the smaller details that matters most!

  • Set up a bathroom and a comfortable bed (with a firm mattress) on the first floor of your home. Make sure that you can avoid stairs during your recovery!
  • Ensure that your bed is low enough that your feet will touch the floor when you sit on the edge of the mattress.
  • Stock up on easy meals that require small amounts of preparation. Being on your feet to cook won’t be any good for your recovery.
  • Ensure that you have the appropriate home medical equipment to ease your post-surgical period.

Medical Equipment?

Don’t worry—the use of home medical equipment doesn’t mean that your house has to look like a hospital. In fact, some changes are as simple as keeping your toilet seat raised or using a long-handled sponge in the shower. Additionally, your doctor might recommend the use of a walker or crutches during your recovery.

Additionally, you might consider installing grab bars around your toilet and shower. You might also use a tub chair so that you can stay seated and take the strain off your knee or hip while bathing.

Plan for The Future

There’s nothing more helpful than thinking ahead before your surgery. By speaking to a medical equipment provider and your physician about the best recovery methods for you, you’ll have much less to worry about once your procedure is complete and you’re resting at home.

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