Preparation Makes Pet Grooming In Queens NY Easier

by | Jun 5, 2013 | Health

Going to a groomer can be a tough experience for a pet. They don’t understand why all of these things need to happen and the noises, sights, and smells surrounding them are unfamiliar. There are things that you can do that will make the whole process go a lot more smoothly, though. If you get your pet ready for the idea of getting its pet grooming in Queens NY, it will be much better able to remain relaxed for everything that needs to be done.

It helps to handle animals thoroughly from a very young age. If puppies and kittens are used to having people look in their ears and touch their paws, they are much less likely to grow up into adults that will resist this kind of contact when it is necessary. That makes life easier for groomers, and it also makes things easier on people like veterinarians who need to do some of that same handling in the course of providing health exams or treatments. In the long run, this can save you money on extra fees that are sometimes charged for animals that are difficult or dangerous to handle. It will also save you from feeling bad about all the stress your furry friend is going through.

It can also be helpful to get your pets used to some of the more specific things that they might experience during grooming. If you get a pair of nail clippers and start out just using it near a puppy’s paws, and then giving treats, this strange object will seem much less scary. You can then move on to clipping off very tiny portions of their nails and providing more treats. Building up slowly in this way will mean that the groomer can get through working on your dog much more quickly, and you can get home and back to having fun as a family that much sooner.

No one wants to put a beloved animal through unnecessary stress, which leads a lot of people to try to avoid grooming tasks. Sadly, this avoidance just makes the experiences that much more alien and unexpected. It is better to prepare for pet grooming by trying to get your pet used to what is likely to happen during a typical session.

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