Physical Effects of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can wreak havoc on your family, work and your mental and physical being. Physically, the effects that the abuse carries can be grave. Some are reparable and some aren’t. Following are the changes one can see with continued substance abuse.

Brain Damage

The use of alcohol or drugs can take a serious toll on your brain. It can affect your ability to rationalize and know societal rights and wrongs. It can also affect memory and mood. The results can be severe to the point of death. Chronic disease can develop and render the brain useless.


Eyesight can change under prolonged substance abuse. Watery and bloodshot eyes are usually the first signs of any vision change. Perception and short and long distance viewing can be altered for good. Especially when under the influence, the changes can be severe. The drugs can even result in blindness if used over a long time.


Response time to everyday activities can be altered as well. Even normal events such as driving can be affected. A quickly turning stop light from green to red may warrant a fast reaction that you would not be capable of if under the influence.


Drug use can alter your heart rate as well. Certain drugs can speed up your heart and result in heart attack. Long use of drugs and alcohol can cause heart disease as well. Substance abuse does not necessarily have to happen for a long time to encounter these heart issues. For a heart attack, this can happen after one use or binge.


If you feel yourself going down an unreturnable path to self destruction, find help with your substance abuse. Substance abuse treatment in Burnsville and other areas can help you turn your life around before it is too late. Reach out to family members or close friends if you are ready for help.

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