PET Imaging Can be Made Better by More Mobile Uses

Most people do not understand all the different tests that can be run to see what issues they are experiencing. The one way these tests become even more useful is by them becoming mobile for bad scenes of accidents, triage areas, and places put on quarantine. One tool that is used for this is mobile PET imaging. Positron emission tomography, or PET, is useful for cardiac issues, infectious diseases, and some types of imaging for brain activity. A triage site or large accident scene can use these tests to make sure that people get the best treatment when they need it.

Timely Treatment

After accidents, people can suffer long term effects. Some of the other issues that are not seen in a timely manner can lead to someone dying when they could have been treated. Mobile PET imaging can assist in making a better diagnosis in a bad situation. Head injuries can be made worse if they are not known about and a person is moved incorrectly. Heart issues can be masked by other injuries. That means that medical personnel will help someone live or have less long term issues by seeing this faster. That is worth the investment.

Options Available

Most people will not see all of the advantages of mobile PET imaging in that way. The biggest use, currently, is by bringing the imaging to areas with different doctor offices. That is mostly for cardiac issues. What this does is make the technology available in areas that may not have it normally. It allows for the technology to be perfected so that people can find easier ways to make it more accessible. That is why people in California should look into Cardiac Imaging Inc. at their website PET imaging should be available to save lives all over.

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