Pain after a Wreck: Finding the Right Car Accident Doctor

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Health

A car accident can easily turn your day into a series of unpleasant events. At the very least, you will end up needing some car repairs. In many cases, there are tow trucks and ambulances involved as well. Many people walk away from an accident with no intention of seeking medical care, usually due to financial concerns. There are ways to make sure your medical fees get paid by the car insurance company.


The first thing needed to ensure funding for medical needs is to assure that your paperwork is in place. Make sure to ask the insurance company what forms need to be filled out, and what information you will need to get from your doctor to receive payment or reimbursement for medical costs. Find a doctor that is willing to work with your paperwork needs and has experience with auto accident claims.

Cover All Your Bases

A good car accident doctor will know what common injuries occur from car accidents. Try to find a doctor experienced with accident victims and injuries. Your doctor will need to know which diagnostic tests will help the most to find out what is wrong, if anything. Proper diagnostic records will help prove injury status for your insurance company. Make sure your doctor understands the logistics of the wreck and where your pain is located. This will help him make these decisions. Check online at websites like to find the right car accident doctor to handle your accident case.

Don’t Wait

If you wait too long after the accident to see a doctor, it could damage your chances of getting the visit paid for. Postponing treatment could also prolong your healing. A doctor with car accident injury experience will take the time to see you immediately and will work you into the appointment schedule. Make sure this is a doctor that is willing to stay with you throughout the duration of treatment. It is much easier to keep the auto accident paperwork in order when you do not have to change primary doctors.

Follow Orders

It is very important to follow the treatment plan you are given. Otherwise, you may not receive payment or medical reimbursement. A doctor that deals with auto accidents often will know what type of treatment regimen is best for your type of injury. Your doctor will also be familiar with what types of medications and treatments are most likely to qualify for coverage during auto accident claims.

As soon as you have an accident, whether you feel hurt or not, make arrangements to get to a car accident doctor. It is best to get checked out to alleviate any doubt about the results of the accident. Make sure to talk to your doctor or their office ahead of time to be sure they can deal with insurance paperwork and possible lawyer involvement. Take care of yourself with a doctor prepared for the complications that can follow a car accident.

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