Oxytocin Can Help Couples Communicate Better

When most people hear the word oxytocin, they either don’t know what it is at all or they think of the effect this hormone has on the human body when it comes to starting labor and lactation in women. However, in recent years, the study of this hormone has revealed it provides people with a variety of benefits when it comes to their interactions in their relationships. These benefits can aid couples who are having difficulty with intimacy get their relationship back on track.

The Benefits

Besides starting labor and promoting lactation in pregnant women, oxytocin provides humans with more positive feelings. This is because the hormone also serves as a neurotransmitter in the brain. People who take this hormone can also experience lower stress levels, less anxiety, overall feelings of wellbeing and bonding. This can help couples who are having trouble connecting because of the stresses in their lives feel closer to each other, enhancing their intimacy.

Improved Communications

One study on the effects of oxytocin in human relationships administered the hormone to the participants via nasal spray. Half the participants received the hormone, while the other half received only a placebo spray. The couples were then placed in a situation where conflict resolution was required and the responses recorded. Those couples who received the hormone exhibited fewer signs of stress and were able to navigate the conflict to a resolution more easily.

More Research

While the results of the research on oxytocin have been largely positive, more research is still necessary to study the long-term effects of using the hormone for these purposes, as well as the effects of repeated use. In addition, there are some who feel the use of a synthetic hormone to make people happier and less stressed isn’t the best way to go about it. Once more research is completed, however, scientists and doctors will be able to see whether the use of this hormone can be helpful to couples who are having difficulty in their lives together.

Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, can be a powerful tool in helping people feel better about themselves and their relationships. Studies have shown this hormone can provide feelings of happiness and lowered stress levels in people, helping them communicate better with each other and reach resolutions to conflict more easily. While more research is required to learn the long-term effects of repeated use, the use of this hormone could easily be the answer.

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